Up in the Air

Project | Environmental Design
Client | Meijer
Role | Creative Brief / Concept / Project Management / Art Direction / Vendor Partnership / Fixture & Prototype Development

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Produce a fresh and exciting department theme that engages Meijer customers and creates a fun in-store “shoppertainment” experience. Theme should appeal to mom and child. Create a long-term evergreen solution that provides year-round relevancy within the Toy department regardless of season. Use endcaps and strikepoints as focal points for the customer to convey important messages and brands.


We wanted to tap into the idea of imaginative play. Together with a team of designers, there were multiple brainstorm sessions to discuss how best to tap into that energy and visually translate it to a graphics package that could entice and inspire our customers. After determining the best visual approach, there were then multiple rounds of prototypes developed that explored dimensionality. Ultimately we went with a version that kept us within budget while still being dimensional and engaging.