Project | Environmental Design
Client | Meijer
Role | Creative Brief / Concept / Project Management / Art Direction / Photo Direction

Canning 01Canning 02Canning 03


Visualize the homemade nature and freshness of Canning.


With the focus being on homemade and freshness, we wanted to convey to the customer that they could get all of their canning needs at Meijer – from Ball jars to berries. The challenge with this seasonal gondola run was that the footage changed from store to store. Some stores had as little as 16ft to display canning product while others had up to 44ft. We had to shoot photography in such a way that we could shrink or extend the visual to cover all versions of gondola length. To accomplish this, we shot vignettes with different themes on a white sweep. We then shot a table separately and assembled the vignettes as needed on the different footage versions.