Mrs. Meyer’s Trendcap

Project | Environmental Design
Client | Meijer / SC Johnson
Role | Project Management / Art Direction / Vendor Partnership / Fixture & Prototype Development

Mrs Meyers 01Mrs Meyers 02Mrs Meyers 03


Provide consumers with a unique Mrs. Meyer’s in-store display that not only catches their attention, but captures the spirit of the brand.


It started with a proposal from SC Johnson. They had a big idea for an in-store display and wanted Meijer to produce it. We partnered closely with SC Johnson’s creative agency to provide concept feedback and restrictions. The goal was to ensure that the display would not only look great and represent Mrs. Meyer’s, but compliment the Meijer in-store environment as well. Once a concept was fully vetted, we went through rounds of prototyping to get the physical display just right – including a unique need for a dimensional line lady and different planogram versions. The result was a display that immediately saw an uptick in sales and continues to do well.