Entertainment & Office Department

Project | Environmental Design
Client | Meijer
Role | Creative Brief / Concept / Project Management / Art Direction / Vendor Partnerships

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Combine the Electronics and School Home Office departments into one consolidated department. Clean up signage and develop a consistent customer experience. Develop signage that can withstand the test of time and live in-store for a minimum of 3 years. Help our customer find what they need as quickly as possible & educate them when appropriate.


This was a multiple year project that started with cleaning up the look and feel of the Electronics department. At project start, the department was cluttered with vendor signage and infographics that were not adding value for our customer’s in-store experience. There was not an established look to the department and we weren’t inspiring our customer. We started with a brainstorming session to pull together all ideas that were relevant to the department. After brainstorming, we pulled the most relevant ideas in to moodboards to further develop 3 distinct concepts. From those concepts, the modern and sleek black & woodgrain look was chosen as the most relevant and timeless for the department. This look was rolled out to the entire chain of stores.

Phase 2 of this project was merging the School Home Office department in to the Electronics department to create the Entertainment & Office department. The School Home Office department was previously very disjointed with vendor programs dictating a lot of what our customer was seeing down the aisle. In creating the Entertainment & Office environment, we were able to pull the look we’d established for Electronics in to the School Home Office categories for a cohesive customer experience.