This is a series that deals with the suppression of women. As the series progresses, it is meant to also be a progression through time. In the first image we see a woman only subtly silenced by a kitchen utensil, then by the end of the series a more permanent way to be kept quiet. It is a personal commentary on how women have been treated as second class citizens whose voices aren't even worth listening to.


Living near Detroit, it's hard not to notice all the rotting bulidings and neglect of the city. However, the more the city is explored, the more one is able to start to appreciate the visual wonders offered by the abandoned edifices from the past.


This is a series of scenic images captured in New Zealand and Australia.


This series is a commentary on the way Americans relate to food. The series is meant to point out American's flaws in endless consumption and how in the end it ultimately leads to unhappiness.

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